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Hello—I'm Anthony, an artist and athlete based in Colorado.


I grew up writing, sketching, playing music, and expressing myself however I could. This turned into a career as a writer, editor, brand-builder, and creative director. With a deeply studied interest in visual arts, especially painting and photography.


But my greatest obsession is movement: cycling, running, mountaineering. Steve Prefontaine's ethos about the body being a brush and the earth a canvas has always resonated with me. This intersection of self and landscape is the place where I feel most alive.


My brain loves language, aesthetics, and the human spirit. It fixates on the big picture as much as the granular details. I'm a highly collaborative empath who wants to live, work, and communicate meaningfully, no matter the context.


Please contact me here or by email. I'd be happy to hear from you. You can also view my professional resume here.

about this site

This site is rendered in Connary Fagen’s Artifex font (in addition to lots of my own handwriting). I like Artifex because it’s smooth, soulful, and easy to digest in small or large doses.

I also developed an original color palette for this site. Earth tones are, by far, my favorite colors—clay, sand, slate, olive, taupe, beige, etc. They’re calming and familiar, and I hope they helped you enjoy time here.

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