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Title: "On Subversive Art: Discovering Meaning In Uncoventional Media"

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing

Release date: Fall 2024

Summary: A book of essays about the enriching qualities of non-mainstream art. Part of Fulcrum's "Speaker's Corner" series. Currently under contract and in progress.

short fiction

Title: "Canis Minor"

Publisher: Camas

Release date: Winter 2017

Summary: This 5,000-word short story follows Alex and Chase as they drive along the Colorado-New Mexico border on a starry winter night.

Title: "A Night in Montauk"

Publisher: The Icecreamist

Release date: Winter 2016

Summary: This 2,000-word short story is about an uncertain day on the shores of Long Island.

narrative nonfiction

Title: "The Nicest Meanest Man: Inside Jack Loew's Southside Sanctuary"

Publisher: Belt Publishing

Release date: May 29, 2015

Summary: A long-form profile of Youngstown's most famous boxing coach, the hard-nosed Jack Loew. Part of an anthology book.

Title: "Who is Lester Lefton?"

Publisher: The Burr (Kent State University)

Release date: December 2012

Summary: A Hearst Award-winning profile of Kent State University's infamously enigmatic ex-president, Lester Lefton.

Title: "Undisputed"

Publisher: Columbus Monthly

Release date: February 2015

Summary: A profile of legendary pro boxer Buster Douglas on the 25th anniversary of his unprecedented knockout of Mike Tyson—Tyson's first loss of his career.

Title: "The Church of Byron Stripling"

Publisher: Columbus Monthly

Release date: December 2014

Summary: A profile of jazz virtuoso Byron Stripling, who toured with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie and Sonny Rollins before becoming director of the Columbus Jazz Orchestra.

Title: "When Grant Came to Town"

Publisher: The Chautauqua Institution

Release date: July 12, 2013

Summary: A never-before-told historical account of President Ulysses S. Grant's 1875 visit to Chautauqua, New York.

Title: "Spiced, Brined, & Smoked"

Publisher: Crave

Release date: Winter 2014

Summary: My editor thought it would be funny if I—a vegan at a time—wrote a comprehensive piece on charcuterie and cured meats. So I did. And ended up winning a Cleveland Press Club Award.

food & drink

Title: "Flour & Water"

Publisher: Crave

Release date: Fall 2015

Summary: A long-form piece about my personal affection for scratch-made Italian pasta and four of the Columbus chefs who do it best.

Title: "Speak Easy"

Publisher: Crave

Release date: Spring 2015

Summary: My ode to classic cocktails. I teamed up with award-winning bartenders from around the city to perfect recipes for 12 essential drinks.

Title: "A Night at Thurn's"

Publisher: Columbus Monthly

Release date: August 2015

Summary: Before BBQ and smoked meats were hip, there was (and still is) Thurn's—a cash-only, fourth-generation institution in southeast Columbus.

Title: "Tastemakers 2015"

Publisher: Crave

Release date: Summer 2015

Summary: Crave's annual cover package on the city's most important and influential chefs, bartenders, and culinary figures. I helped select the tastemakers, organize photo shoots, and write/edit the package.

Title: "Tastemakers 2014"

Publisher: Crave

Release date: Summer 2014

Summary: Crave's annual cover package on the city's most important and influential chefs, bartenders, and culinary figures. Same deal as the previous year.

arts & entertainment

Title: "First Look: Transfigurations at the Wex"

Publisher: Columbus Monthly

Release date: September 19, 2014

Summary: I previewed an extraordinary art exhibition featuring landmark works of Picasso, Giacometti, and de Kooning—all from billionaire Leslie Wexner's private collection. (Read more here from the print edition.)

Title: "The New Jazz Age"

Publisher: Columbus Monthly

Release date: Winter 2014

Summary: I pitched and served as the primary writer, editor, and photo shoot coordinator for this 12-page package that pays tribute to one of America's richest jazz scenes.

Title: "Nitpicking"

Publisher: The Icecreamist

Release date: Winter 2021

Summary: This absurdist essay is about one thing: nits (aka, the measurement of how bright a digital display screen is).

Title: "YouTube Sensation Performs at KSU"

Publisher: Daily Kent Stater (Kent State University)

Release date: March 4, 2011

Summary: I met and talked comedy with Bo Burnham a few days before he performed on my college campus. He went on to have a mildly successful career after this.


Title: "Mr. Speaker"

Publisher: Columbus Monthly

Release date: November 2014

Summary: I've done a lot of long-form Q&As in my career, including this exit interview with William Batchelder, the 101st Speaker of the Ohio House, on the eve of his term-limited retirement.

Title: "Richard Stanislaw"

Publisher: The Burr (Kent State University)

Release date: April 2013

Summary: I picked the wonderful political mind of decorated KSU professor Richard Stanislaw, who served as advisor to both the university's Democrat and Republican student groups.

Title: "Jon Secaur"

Publisher: The Burr (Kent State University)

Release date: April 2013

Summary: By sheer happenstance, I accumulated nearly enough credits in college to earn a physics minor thanks to this man—professor Jon Secaur, whom I interviewed outside of the classroom about the future of space exploration.

Title: "7 Questions for Ted Allen, Food Network personality"

Publisher: Columbus Monthly

Release date: April 9, 2015

Summary: I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chopped's Ted Allen and asking him about his hometown (Columbus) and favorite dining trends of the day.

Title: "Q&A with Food Network's Simon Majumdar"

Publisher: Crave

Release date: May 27, 2015

Summary: Not as warm and friendly as Ted Allen, no, but it was still a treat to chat with Food Network's most hard-nosed critic, Simon Majumdar.

Title: "Q&A with Jeni Britton Bauer"

Publisher: Crave

Release date: May 28, 2014

Summary: I've been a member of the Jeni's fan club since before it was cool (aka, before her ice cream was readily stocked in Whole Foods stores around the country). We had this conversation as the James Beard award-winner was preparing to release her second cookbook.

Title: "Q&A with Cartoonist Daniel Clowes"

Publisher: Columbus Monthly

Release date: May 2, 2014

Summary: I spoke with Harvey Award-winning artist Daniel Clowes who was in town exhibiting work.

Title: "A Private Tour with the Wexners"

Publisher: Columbus Monthly

Release date: September 2014

Summary: This is related to the art exhibition review above. I had the opportunity to meet with Leslie and Abigail Wexner and discuss their favorite pieces from their absurd private art collection.


Title: "Chesapeake Avenue - Independence Day"

Publisher: N/A

Release date: Unproduced pilot (2017-2018)

Summary: One of my dearest friends, Tristan Eden, and I wrote and shopped a pilot in for an original television drama about young restaurateurs who take extreme measures to ensure the success of their two-faced Midwestern business empire. This project was largely inspired by working in Columbus as a food writer in my early 20s.

brand messaging

Title: "Our Story"

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing

Release date: November 2021

Summary: Wrote and developed  Fulcrum's "Our Story" copy, along with the company's mission statement and four guiding principles. Interviewed and collaborated with all key stakeholders within Fulcrum while executing on this project.

Title: All brand copy

Publisher: AirDNA

Release date: 2022-2023

Summary: Wrote, edited, and concepted the majority of copy at, including blogs, guides, and landing pages. See this site's Creative Direction page for details.

Title: All brand copy

Publisher: Informa Markets / Club Industry

Release date: 2016-2020

Summary: Planned, wrote, and edited all B2B content for Informa Markets' Club Industry brand. This included blogs, ebooks, conference materials, and social media posts. Also contributed video and podcast production


Title: "For Martha"

Publisher: N/A

Release date: April 16, 2018

Summary: Probably the hardest but most honest thing I've ever written: my grandmother's eulogy. It's more than a tribute; it's the story of her life.

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